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As a longtime employee of Bangor Daily News, I have served many roles over the years, but I now have a dream job as Community Editor. I live in Hermon with my four Brittany dogs: Sassy, Bullet, Thistle and Quincy, who keep me busy in various dog sports. I was widowed at age 51 when my husband, Jim, died of pancreatic cancer.

Being in a feisty state of mind

  The thing about widowhood is that from the moment it happened to me, I felt like I had fallen on this conveyer belt that just carried me through life as unwilling cargo from day to day. No control over my destiny. No control over what had just happened to me. No control over a […]

10 notes about this in-between time of year

The greening grass is a pretty good indicator we may be out of the snowy woods of winter — finally. Snow in late April or early May is not unusual in Maine, but I am feeling kind of safe at this point to declare winter is done. It’s still an odd time of year. Although […]

Things that hide in the dirt and become sweeter

I guess spring is actually here. My garlic was tricked into March’s false spring, sending tender shoots into what should have been sunshine and warmth, but turned out to be winter’s inhaled breath before it blew out its last gasps. Cold, ice, and snow savaged the tiny shoots, and the tops of those plants are […]

Car shopping is an evolutionary sort of thing

I am going to say upfront that I really despise vehicle shopping. But I find myself in the position of doing just that. Although I shopped for vehicles before I was married, this is the first time I’ve had to shop for a vehicle since Jim died six years ago. Fortunately, I have established relationships […]