Monthly Archives: August 2016

So what did I really do this summer?

Three of my four Brittany dogs check out the fence line along the straw bales. They are Thistle (closest), Quincy and Bullet.

As the days visibly shorten and the night air takes on a kind of crispness, I find myself evaluating what I’ve accomplished over the summer before my mind turns to all that needs to be done before God coats my world in ice and snow. It’s been a very busy summer. I barely had time […]

Why I feel close to a woman I never met

The makeup of the group participating in the Friends of Monica walk varies from year to year, but this is the group for 2016. Monica's dog Shilo is there, as is Chance, another border collie that ran on her team.

I never met her in person. She died at age 30 from complications associated with Lupus the year I joined the flyball (think dog relay racing) team with my Brittany dog Sassy. But she was the reason there was a team at all. She was its founder. I have come to know Monica Roberts through […]

Gardening my way back to my old self

Radishes, tomato, lettuce and green beans from my garden.

I’m sure lots of people are eating green beans for supper these days. They are in season, and most farmers markets and many local food stores carry the locally grown versions of the popular legume. I recently ate them for supper myself. With a bow to a good memory, I cooked them with potato and […]